My Journey to becoming a Software Developer

Short summary of my story to becoming full time software developer the self taught way.


There is many people that see the relationship between expert coders and how early they start coding.

Personally in my childhood the fast internet was quiet new, and in israel there is compulsory army service, so i enjoyed from a fast connection something like 3+ years.

Dial internet connection 56 kbps (Age 10-15)

Lego – i was addicted to lego at this stage, you could watch me build lego for days, forgetting time and place.

Dreamer – my mother always tell how a 12 years old child wanted to build a robot, and she try to take me to robotics courses when everyone was much much more older than me, after a long search she found Lego Mindstorms.

Lego Mindstorms is a hardware software platform produced by Lego for the development of programmable robots based on Lego building blocks.

One of the days in my life i will probably always remember, this was my first experience with coding like language, and the robotos i build felt for me like the best thing i ever done.

The age of 13 in the jewish community is kind of a big deal and i got to ask every preset that i wish for,

my first portable computer (pocket pc they called back then).

At the age of 13 my english that isn’t my first language already was sufficient, and i could speak hours with the guys at sony (technology leader at this time, with big fancy stores like today Apple) about brand new technologies, i was addicted for every piece of technology.

Getting started with Electronics, after digging in the electronic of old electronic products like radios, i got my first self assemble kit, today this method is very common back then it was provided by one single company in israel (as far as i know).

**Fast internet connection  **

During this period i was spending probably 40% of my time in gaming, in the rest of the time i was fascinating from projects like linux, how networks works, and hacking.

Fast forward  (Army time period in israel is 3 years).


One thing that i did before finishing the army was to print a free programing book from TLV university and do all the exercise during train ride, (2 hours every day for 2 months).

At this stage i was fascinated even overwhelmed from the things i can do, all by self learn from guides in the internet, i combined 2 of my hobbies together and start developing hardware mainly around Arduino platform and Raspberry pi, I was really skilled at this point with soldering and basic electronic like sensors and motors.

![ethanol/alcohol sensor MQ3 and 7segment board](
ethanol/alcohol sensor MQ3 and 7 segment board
Hacking – i was very fascinated by the field and i build some keyloggers and sniffing tools with python, crack wifi networks and test vulnerabilities with metasploit, backtrack/kali and others, it was hard for me to improve without actually do the things i learn, and after getting some warning from my parents i decided to keep this field as a low level hobby.

University experience, i did the Introduction to Computer Science and Java Language course in the open university, during my day job and i think it was great fundamental to build on.

Freelancing, parallel to my day job at HP indigo in this days, i started to freelancing mainly building prototypes for Labs, students, and startups, i did some teaching also.

College , as an hardware interpur i know i need a degree to accomplish my goals, I study for 2 years electrical engineering while continue my freelancing and interpanur work like hackathons (First place at HackIDC) and students program (BIPA),

after spending more hours at coding I felt this is the more suitable way for me, also it was much more easy for me to deal with math course then physics, i left the college and start my first full time job as a web developer.

Getting the first job was a bit scary, no one gave me any feedback on my code before, i had lots of experience at this stage but it was more solving problem, less thinking ahead and spending time to design platform and solution (I will recommend to invest in this field you should start by explaining yourself a project you are working on, the explainashion need to include every aspect and decision why it maid the way it maid).

Closure words

The key to succeed in self taught kind of way you need to achieve wins often, aim low (baby steps) and go back to track even if you didn’t succeed or finish the previews one, stay open minded and don’t beat yourself every time you failed, learn your lesson quick and continue to the next goal.

  • maintain a routine.
  • focus on a specific field and dig into it before continuing.
  • build practice or noticable products, and focus on learning in the  proccess.
  • stay open minded and don’t waste time every time you stuck.
  • constant learning.
  • read, write test – read blogs, books and guides , try to use what you learn and write code, then test yourself in the the end of the process what did you learn and how you could do it better.
  • constantly look to improve.

Nir Adler

Nir Adler