Open Source Dashboard (for js developers)

Javascript open source maintainers often having hard time to track after their npm packages status.

I used until resently to get npm information about my packages, recently the site stop to work, so as a coder it was easy decision to start working on a clone.

The package I created called npmdash. (short for npm dashboard)

The homepage is a very simple input field to enter the npm username. (be patient it can take a while.)

This it the packages view basically it's a list of the packages sort by monthly downloads, include data of the package that can help you get more insight on the package, in the future more relevant data will be added.

You can use the hosted version, docker version or the open source cli option.

The hosted version use aws fargate, you can clone the repo and build your own docker version if needed, and deploy it to your own docker cloud solution.

Cli Usage

npm i -g npmdash
npmdash // will open the homepage
npmdash -u <username> // will open the packafes view for this username

Docker Usage

docker pull niradler/npmdash
docker container run -p 8989:8989 npmdash

For future improvements, I will like to improve the github integration, to improve the ui and to get reports maybe? Still thinking about it.

Enjoy and let me know what you think :)

Nir Adler

Nir Adler