Serverless docker image

deploying a simple image to use in serverless development and deployment.

# Dockerfile
FROM node:alpine

RUN apk update && \
    apk add --update --no-cache \
    python3 \
    py3-pip \
    groff \
    less \
    git \

RUN pip3 install --upgrade pip
RUN pip3 --no-cache-dir install --upgrade awscli
RUN aws --version
RUN npm install -g serverless

basically this is the image, very simple but will include all the basic tools you will need when developing serverless function with aws lambda.

deploying to docker hub:

docker build -t serverless .
docker login
docker tag serverless username/serverless:tag
docker push username/serverless:tag

simple usage: add docker-compose.yml file and run.

# docker-compose.yml
version: "3.2"
    container_name: service-name
    image: niradler/serverless
    restart: always
      - .env
      - ./:/app
      - "3001:3001"
    command: sh -c 'cd app && npm i && npm run start'

checkout the description on docker hub.

Nir Adler

Nir Adler